The Gender Reveal Game: A Unique Alternative to the Reveal Party

It seems like everyone’s doing a gender reveal these days- friends, celebrities and even gorillas at the zoo! Whether you’re planning a big party or not, there’s a new way to have fun with your gender reveal and make a little extra cash for your bundle of joy by playing You can take it easy and use it as an alternative to throwing a big party, or make it part of the party where one lucky guest takes home the prize.

Gender Reveal Game

What’s this Gender Reveal Game all about?

It’s really easy to set up a game on the website. Once you create an account, you’ll create a game where friends and family can guess whether your baby will be a boy or a girl. You are in control of how long the game lasts, what the minimum bid will be and what the prize is at the end. When you reveal the gender, a winner will be randomly selected from those who guessed right. Then you get to keep the money raised by your game. Because who couldn’t use a little extra cash with a new baby on the way? Some moms have also donated their earnings to a charity of their choosing.

How do I get people to play?

You’ll get a private link to send out to people and invite them to play. If you are a more public person, you can even share your link on social media and invite anyone to play! The average amount raised is $300, but mom’s have raised nearly $1000 as well. There’s no limit to how much you can raise, all you have to do is put the word out. You can also opt to be a featured game on the website and appear on the front page.


Plan the Perfect Reveal with a Bonus

If you are planning to do a reveal party or an event, the Gender Reveal Game is the perfect compliment to the festivities. You can announce the winner at your party and hand out their prize in person. Of course, you can also ship it if they can’t attend. Everybody is going to be guessing the gender anyway, why not give them a chance to win something if they get it right?

Got more questions? Head on over the their FAQ page for more details:





The Exploding Ivory Soap Experiment

What kid doesn’t want to put something weird in the microwave and see what happens? Satisfy their curiosity with this easy (and super clean!) science experiment with Ivory Soap.


It’s important to use only Ivory Soap for this experiment. When Ivory is manufactured, they whip a lot of air into the bar creating little air pockets. When you heat it in the microwave, the air in those pockets expands and makes the soap grow and fluff up. Other soap bars will not have as much air and will not fluff up the same.

And while it doesn’t actually explode, it does look like it might at any moment as the bar at least triples in size and becomes a fluffy flakey white cloud-like blob. And you can still use it for soap afterwards!

The first thing I did was order this 3-pack of soap on Amazon for under $5, because if I can avoid driving to the store, I will. (affiliate link) I also wanted to have a couple extra bars so we could do it more than once and compare different blob effects.

Then you just remove the wrapper and put it on a plate and set the microwave for about two minutes. Our’s stopped growing just after one minute, but it depends on the strength of your microwave.

ivory-soap-experiment (3)ivory-soap-experiment (4)ivory-soap-experiment (5)

It’s really neat to watch it grow! When you first take it out, it will be a little hot. Let it cool down, then try breaking it apart with your hands. This is the cleanest science experiment ever! The soap is still good to use afterwards if you don’t want to feel like you are being wasteful. You could sit it in a dish and have the most unique original soap sculpture hand soap in the neighborhood!

ivory-soap-experiment (1)

We had a lot of fun with this one and it’s definitely the only science experiment so far that left the microwave smelling better than when we started!

Basic Invite Graduation Cards are Anything but Basic

I remember back when I was getting ready to graduate from high school, I had to make a monumental decision. You may be thinking college, moving out, jobs…but no- Before all that I had to decide on my senior graduation invitations and announcement.


*Post sponsored by, but opinions are my own*

This was about 25 years ago, so creating my high school graduation cards didn’t involve a lot of choices. White or off-white? Gold or silver foil? Script or print? I had to make a few simple decisions and then wait for my precious (and rather boring) cards to be delivered.

But these days things have changed! Now cards can be exciting and filled with photos, colors, foils and custom envelopes. For my next major life moment that requires a card, I’ll be visiting Basic Invite to create one of their truly custom invitations. Their website makes it easy to create an amazing card while keeping the process simple and easy to understand.


With a few clicks you can choose from almost unlimited colors with instant previews online. Once you select a design you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options so you can make sure the card is exactly how you want it down to the smallest detail. This attention to minute detail is what sets Basic Invite apart from other online stationery companies.


You can also change the text, add your own photos for graduation picture invitations, change the shape and more! If you want to kick the design up a notch, foil cards are available in gold, silver and rose gold with flat or raised foil. And before you commit to ordering tons of cards, you can even order a custom sample so you can see the actual invitation in person. You’ll be able to see how well it prints and test out the paper quality before you place your final order.

Once you get your invitations set, you can then choose from over 40 different colors of envelopes and make your invitation stand out even before it’s even opened. All of the envelopes are peel and seal so they can be quickly and securely closed. No licking required!


Basic Invite also offers a unique address capturing service that allows customers to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request their friends and family’s addresses which will be stored in the customer’s account and can then be selected during the design process. They also offer recipient address printing at no cost on all card orders.

Basic Invite offers a card for almost every major life moment whether you want to create your own graduation party invitations or announce your upcoming nuptials, you can be assured your cards will be a worthy (and unique!) representation of you for your big day.

Ready to create a card?

Use coupon code 15FF51 and save 15% on all orders at


And be sure to follow Basic Invite on social media for more great card ideas and inspiration: @basicinvite Facebook  Pinterest  Instagram  Twitter


Ribbon’s Traveling Castle is a Little Magic and a Lot of Love

We were recently sent the children’s book, Ribbon’s Traveling Castle, to read and review and enjoyed the heartwarming tale and fun drawings. The book was written by Elizabeth Godley and illustrated by Paige M. Leyh.

ribbons-castle-book (1)

The book follows the story of Ribbon, who goes on a journey with her father. As they travel around they encounter many odd individuals who need help with small things. She works through her own worries by helping out these people along the way. As she travels she learns that change is not a bad thing when you have love for yourself and for others.

ribbons-castle-book (3).JPEG

My son enjoyed looking through the whimsical drawings to find all the magical things happening in the pictures. There are even small details to hunt for like lotus flowers all over the castle.

ribbons-castle-book (4).JPEG

Ribbon’s Traveling Castle is a great book for children to learn about kindness and also bravery and trusting in yourself even when you may not be sure about your journey. You can find the book on Amazon: Ribbon’s Traveling Castle and learn more about the author and upcoming book signing on her website

How to Launch a Rocket with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Making a bottle rocket with baking soda and vinegar is always a fun and explosive (but safe) activity! When the baking soda reacts with the vinegar, it forms carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide builds up inside the bottle until it launches into the air!

Here’s step-by-step directions to launch your own rocket:


Empty water bottle
4 Chopsticks
Markers (or paint, crayons, etc.)
Baking Soda
Paper Towel

baking-soda-rocket (7)

First Make Your Rocket:

1- Take a sheet of paper and color one side. This will be your rocket decorations.

2- Cut out a circle, cut a slit halfway, wrap it to make a cone and tape it in place. This is the top of your rocket.

3- Tape three or four chopsticks to the upside down bottle, with a few inches extending past the top opening. This will be your rocket legs, so make sure they are even and the bottle can stand on its own.

baking-soda-rocket (1)

4- Wrap the decorated paper around the bottle, over the chopsticks and tape into place.

5- Tape your pointy cone to the top. You should now have something that resembles a rocket!

baking soda rocket
It may not be very pretty, but it will still fly! lol

6- Wrap tape around a cork until you can plug the bottle easily but not too tightly. If it is too tight, it won’t shoot out.

baking-soda-rocket (2)

Prepare to Launch:

1- Take a square of paper towel and put about a tablespoon of baking soda in the center.

baking-soda-rocket (3)

2- Wrap it up to create a little baking soda packet. This delays the release of the baking soda and gives you time to put in the cork and get out of the way.

baking-soda-rocket (4)

3- Fill your bottle about 1/3 with vinegar

4- Find a nice flat surface outside where you don’t care about the splatter. It makes a big mess when it explodes, but it is all easily washed away with water.

baking-soda-rocket (6)


5- Push the baking soda packet into the bottle and VERY QUICKLY put in the cork. Make sure it is secure enough but not pushed in too far or it won’t pop out.

6- Give it a few shakes, flip it over and then RUN!

Book Review: Stark Raving Dad – Poems for the Frazzled Parent in All of Us

Stark Raving Dad is a new book from Running Press aimed at frazzled parents who are still able to laugh through their pain. From pondering the myriad of diaper choices in the baby aisle to getting spewed with bodily fluids, author Sanderson Dean captures the angst of parenthood all in comedic verse and accompanies it with original art drawn by his children.

I was impressed at the sheer volume of poems in the book. At 127 pages, this was a leap from the usual 25 page children’s books I’m sent to review. But this one is definitely not aimed at the kids, who probably wouldn’t see the humor in the evils of broccoli, dirty socks or dropping the kid off at daycare with a loaded diaper. It speaks to us, the parents who have all been there. 

Stark-Raving-Dad (1)


The poems cover a wide variety of parenting topics and they don’t really follow a specific pattern. Some rhyme and some are more free-form. I’m hoping Mr. Dean doesn’t take this the wrong way, but it reminds me of the kind of book you find in the bathroom. It makes good toilet reading, if parents actually got a chance to read on the toilet anymore. There’s probably a poem in there about that too.

The book is a lot of fun and everything is painfully (and humorously) relatable for anyone with children. It would make a great baby shower, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift. Or maybe a housewarming gift for the aforementioned quality me-time toilet reading.

Stark-Raving-Dad (4)


About the Author:

Sanderson Dean has been an Emmy Award-winning writer/producer/creative in the television and film advertising business for more than two decades. He is a husband and proud father of two boys who serve as his poetic inspiration (and book illustrators). Find him online at and check out his book on Amazon: Stark Raving Dad


Smell as Good as You Look with Photo Air Fresheners

When contacted me about reviewing their product, I thought a custom photo air freshener might be a neat Mother’s Day present. I always send my mom some pics, why not send ones that make everything smell good too?

There’s no minimum quantity, shipping is free and you can choose from eight different scents and shapes. I chose a heart shape with one of my favorite photos and their most popular scent, cucumber mint. Other scent choices are bacon, cherry, citrus, coconut, new car, pine and vanilla. You can also choose unscented if you just want the hanging photo.


Ordering was really easy! First you choose your shape, then add and image and add text if you want. I chose to go with just an image, not text. You can also upload a different photo for the back, or keep it the same.


Once you upload the photo, you can adjust the size using the “transform” tool. You want to get any wording inside the green line, and everything important inside the dotted line which is where it will be cut. There’s also a black dot at the top that shows you where the hole will go for the elastic loop.


Prices start at $12.50 for a single air freshener, but go down as low as $5 with quantity and the price includes free shipping. My order arrived in just a few days, with each air freshener individually packed in sealed plastic. The cucumber mint is a really pleasant scent! I also got a few in my usual favorite, vanilla. The pictures came out really nice and I think these will make a great gift, as well as look good hanging in my car.


I also ordered a few with my logo on them. I thought they came out looking great, but they recommend their sister company,, for printing logo products. They specialize in printing promotional products with crisp images and custom shapes. They do have a minimum order there, but prices go as low as $2.50 and there are a lot more choices for shapes and scents.

I was very happy with the quality of my Photo Air Fresheners, the ease of ordering and fast shipping. If you have more questions about getting your own custom photo air fresheners, check out their FAQ page at:




 sister site for logo