For the Love of Noodles

My son loves noodles. Just plain spaghetti noodles with a little butter or olive oil. He doesn't like to spoil it with any sauce. I keep trying to encourage him to try them differently- marinara, cream sauce, maybe some meatballs, but no. Just noodles. It makes me think of a photo of me as a... Continue Reading →

The Imaginary Bellyache

My son stayed home from school today. And by stayed home sick, I mean he's standing next me begging to put on his coat so he can go outside and play. It started with crawling into our bed early this morning and then making vomiting noises. I grabbed him, leapt out of bed and rushed... Continue Reading →

My Momologue

That's right Google, this is not a typo. I meant to put in "Momologue" even though it keeps insisting on trying to sway me into searching "monologue." It was one of those things where you wake up early and lie there in bed thinking about what you have to do and then come up with... Continue Reading →

A Different Kind of Book for Children

I was recently introduced to Quiet Books by the Quiet Book Queen and we decided to give it a try! It's crafty activity book you assemble yourself, or with the help of your child. The Quiet Book Queen website offers a Calendar Quiet Book Subscription Kit where every month you get a new page/activity to make for your... Continue Reading →

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