A Visit to the Family-Friendly Sierra Nevada Brewery

We recently did a family road trip to North Carolina and on the way we stopped at the very family-friendly Sierra Nevada Brewery and Taproom in Mills River, NC.

I am a long-time fan of Sierra Nevada. We even have a dog named Sierra! It’s the beer that led me to liking IPA’s and craft beers. So I was excited to get to stop and see the brewery. I would have loved to do the tour but we were just stopping on our way to the Smoky Mountains so we only had a little bit of time to spend there and you need to make reservations ahead of time on their website. And it’s FREE! They also have different paid tour options, but the basic brewery tour is free. So next time I’m definitely planning ahead and doing a tour. I love hearing all about the different ways the beer is made and what makes them taste the way they do.

The brewery and taproom is really beautiful. I can see why it was so packed with families. There’s a gift shop, huge restaurant and large back area with an amphitheater and garden. You can grab a beer and wander all over the place and do a self-guided tour through the visitor’s corridor where you get a birds-eye view of the beer making process, warehouse and packing hall.

There is a lot of space outside for the kids to run around. Keelan had a great time and instantly made friends with a group of kids playing chase and climbing all over the rocks and walls and amphitheater stage. All the adults sat in the upper area, sipping beer and watching the kids. It was so relaxing! We got to chat, had some tacos outside, tried out a new type of Sierra Nevada I hadn’t had before (Sidecar IPA) and Keelan ran around until he was so worn out that he fell asleep for the rest of the trip.

Definitely a great spot to stop on your travels or just go visit if you live close by! I know I’d be a regular if we were local.

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