How Do You Get Motivated?

Sometimes I get in this cloudy little funk where I just don't want to do anything except...nothing. I just have no desire to do ANYTHING. I posted on Facebook today that this was my moooooooood: So how do you change that? Any brilliant tips when you just don't want to Do The Thing? My first … Continue reading How Do You Get Motivated?

MomLife: Of Course I Keep ALL Your Artwork!

A kid in school (or daycare) means lots of artwork. From hand print turkeys to pages of scribbles, it can be quite a lot of stuff to save. I had been quietly slipping about half of it into the trash until the day my son caught me in a typical parental fib and discovered I … Continue reading MomLife: Of Course I Keep ALL Your Artwork!

Our First Show and Tell

When I picked my son up from school last week he had a big announcement- "Mommy we have Show and Tell tomorrow and that's when we get presents." I'm not sure where he got the idea that everyone was bringing presents, but it took me a little and while and several different conversations that evening … Continue reading Our First Show and Tell

This Mom Blog Experiment

I started this Momtastic Mommy Blog as an experiment to see how I felt about having a less personal style mom blog. One that was set up to make money, used stock photos, did reviews and posted useful articles, etc. It was going to be "all the mom stuff." I also thought it might give … Continue reading This Mom Blog Experiment

Ramblings About a Return to Retail

I designed, made and sold custom costumes for more than a decade. I also sold a lot of ready-made retail brands and accessories in my boutique. I absolutely LOVED making the costumes. The part I hated was actually selling them and dealing with customer service issues. Most the time my customers were wonderful people who … Continue reading Ramblings About a Return to Retail

Parent Survival Techniques: The Lies We Tell Our Children

I feel like I'm an honest person. Or, at least, I was until I had a child. Now we can't play with the skateboard "because it's resting," the playground was closed today for some strange reason and we are SERIOUSLY all out of cookies. This is just the tip of my iceberg of my lies … Continue reading Parent Survival Techniques: The Lies We Tell Our Children

My Love Hate Relationship with Bubbles

Bubbles! Who doesn't shout the name when they suddenly see those soapy globes floating by? Chasing bubbles is (or should be) a part of every childhood. Then you get a little older and your role changes from bubble chaser to bubble blower.   You may think of bubbles as "good clean fun" but anyone with … Continue reading My Love Hate Relationship with Bubbles