Friends are Visiting, Time to Clean

Today will be a whirlwind of cleaning activity because we have friends coming to visit and stay overnight. This means we will be cleaning the house top to bottom and pretending it always looks this nice. That’s what you do right? lol

I’ve noticed that when we have visiting or a little gathering at the house, if new people are coming over, it sends my husband into a cleaning frenzy that involves steam mopping the floor. This is the only time I see him do that, so if I can just arrange to have regular visitors, I could have very clean floors as a result.

The worst part of visitors is moving all the junk we keep stored in the guest room. It has to go somewhere! So it gets moved to my costume room and office. I have to arrange it all like a game of Tetris and leave myself a little path to make my way through the room.

So I’m off to go clean now! Hope you all have a great weekend.

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