5 Essentials for Your Dress-up Box and Where to Find Them

It starts when your toddler first puts on a pair of your shoes and stumbles around, giggling and excited to be dressing like mom or dad. Then it progresses to outfits and accessories, and before you know it they’ve got quite a dress-up collection. Dressing up is a great imaginative activity that you can encourage with a well-stocked dress-up box or wardrobe. We started with just a special dresser drawer and now it has overflowed into a large toy box. You can also find some really cool full dress-up wardrobe sets on Amazon.


What makes a great dress-up box?

1) Costumes – Of course every great costume box needs costumes! Start with a few costumes and then encourage your child to accessorize or mix and match to create their own outfit. Costumes can be anything from fantasy characters to uniforms for real jobs. Children’s consignment shops are great places to find nearly new costumes at really cheap prices. I’ve picked up several there, still in their original packaging, for under $10.


2) Clothing – You can also mix in fun items of clothing that will spark their imagination to make up their own outfits. Goodwill is a good place to find dress-up pieces. Look for items that aren’t every day wear. Stuff with a little extra sparkle or maybe something that looks like it could be a character.

3) Accessories – Once they put together and outfit, they will want to accessorize with something fun. Tiaras, gloves, hats, feather boas, wigs, even wings! You can find great deals on accessories online at a place like DressUpWholesale.com, where almost everything is under $2! You can really stock a dress-up box with tons of great stuff without spending much.

4) Props – Every character needs a prop, whether it’s a pirate sword or a magic wand. Head to your local dollar store where you can find kid-friendly props to complete everything from a doctor outfit to a ninja costume.

5) Shoes or Socks – As soon as my son put on his first Spider-Man costume, he turned to me and said “I need Spider-Man shoes.” He’s only three but he wanted to complete his look down to his toes. Goodwill is a good place to find cheap dress-up shoes, but you can also throw in some old ones from your own closet. And fun socks can complete a look as well! Of course, sometimes they just want to throw on an outfit and run.



It doesn’t matter if you have a boy or a girl, dressing up is universal for children. And when they are little, they don’t care if it is “boy stuff” or “girl stuff” they are just going to go for whatever catches their eye. One day my son will insist on being Spider-Man and the next he’s running around in a sparkly tutu. Either way, I’m just happy to see him having fun and using his imagination.

*Thanks to DressUpWholesale.com for sending us a bunch of fun items to play with from their store. Check them out if you need to stock your own Dress-up Box! They carry a great range of dress-up gear like feather boas, tutus, wings and hair accessories.

*Links to Amazon are affiliate links, and it’s possible I might make money off it, but doubtful because it’s taken me about a year to earn $6.




5 Kids Fashion Trends You Should Know About

My guest blogger today is Sarah, writing for the kid’s fashion website, BambiniFashion.comAs a boy mom, one thing I’m not up on is kid’s fashion. Today my son wore a pair of size 18 mo. old pants that looked like capris and a shirt with a snowboarding ape. He picked these things out himself so I just went with it. When Sarah pitched the article, I thought it might be interesting to see what the fashionable kids are wearing! Read on to find out yourself – 

5 Kids Fashion Trends You Should Know About

Dressing your kids is easy when they’re little. You can dress them in any cute outfit you choose. But as they get older and start developing their own opinion and fashion tastes, you may find that these tastes may not be the same as yours. But don’t be too hard on your kids. Rather, allow them to reasonably explore their creativity when it comes to fashion.

Today, there are so many kids’ fashion trends, and keeping up with some of them can be a daunting task. However, here are some popular trends you need to know about.

There is so much to love about denim. One of the greatest advantages about it is that denim can be worn everywhere with just about anything. If there is a single area you need to be on the lookout for besides their shoes, it’s their jeans. The good thing about denim, besides being attractive, is that it’s comfortable, easy to wash, and quite trendy.

Prints and Patterns
In the kids’ fashion industry, geometric motifs are quite new. Diamonds, zigzags, circles, and triangles all mesh together to create a multi-colored design.  These kinds of motifs feature greatly on kid’s latest dresses, shirts, blouses, and T-shirts. Even kids’ slip-on and sneakers are emblazoned using these bold designs. Patterned outfits are therefore ideal for your kids’ trendy look, especially during the summer vacation.

Glam Rock
Young kids are now stepping back in time with a toned-down style of the glam rock designs of the seventies and eighties. Studs, black faux leather, and an extra glitter are an amazing interpretation of such a retro-style when put on by your “little dolls.” For kids who are active, leggings are super cool and animal prints make them stand out with this look. Since glam rock has never been skewed towards any specific gender, it is an excellent look for little boys and girls. Some pair of shades would most likely complete this look. You can skip the afro or big hairstyles, but the latest trend of platform shoes for kids is quite amazing.

Faux Fur
One fashion trend that is quite popular with kids is the faux style. Not only will a little fur clothing add some excitement to a wardrobe of cooler weather, but it can also be worn in different ways. If your kid is furry shy, you can try the faux-fur vest on their mini to add some playfulness to their look.

Colorful Creations
Celebrate the summer and the sunny days with an array of colorful outfits for your boys and girls. The girls are going for various pastel colors including powder pinks, lemon yellows, and pale blue garments. On the other hand, boys are sporting in bright colors and prints of polos and T-shirts just to be in line with the current fashion trends.

Final Word
Today, even kids have to worry about what they wear and as a parent, it is important to let your child have the confidence they need by ensuring they put on something that is not only appealing to you, but to them as well. You can pick from one or more of the trendy outfits above to guarantee your kids are always in style!