The Imaginary Bellyache

My son stayed home from school today. And by stayed home sick, I mean he’s standing next me begging to put on his coat so he can go outside and play.

It started with crawling into our bed early this morning and then making vomiting noises. I grabbed him, leapt out of bed and rushed him to the bathroom. He finally threw up a little liquid, but not much. I took him back to bed and he went right to sleep. He seemed fine this morning so I continued with plans to take him to school.

We usually leave at 8:15. By 8AM he was still laying on the couch watching PAW Patrol, and suddenly his belly hurt again. Once again I rushed him to bathroom and he spit up a little something. I was starting to suspect he was just pretending, but I couldn’t send him to school if he was really sick, so I finally called to let them know he wouldn’t be in today.

Guess who’s belly magically felt better about 10 minutes later?

Guess who else is a grumpy grumpy mommy today?


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