I Got Trendy with Curtain Bangs

This week I updated my ‘do with a new set of curtain bangs. The funny thing is, anytime I’ve had bangs they’ve always been curtain bangs, I just didn’t know they had a fancy name! I have the kind of bangs that will do one thing only, and that’s split down the middle.

curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are usually a little longer and parted down the middle, framing your face on each side like a curtain. They have wispy ends rather than a blunt cut, giving them a laid-back relaxed look.

I was actually growing out my bangs a bit when a few rounds of bleached highlights led to some breakage in front and I started chopping bits off myself. So when necessity brought me to my hairstylist Georjie, the first thing she said is “Have you heard of curtain bangs?”

I said no, and told her to just go for it!

A few snips later and the damage was cut off and I was left with pretty face framing fringe that for once I wouldn’t have to fight with and try and tame into a side part or glue straight down. My hair just naturally want to part down the middle. And while the rest of my hair can be wavy and weird, my bangs have always been completely straight so this style totally works for me!

So now I’m feeling all trendy with the latest style in bangs. So if you are looking for a change that’s easy to wear- ask your stylist for curtain bangs on your next visit.


Monkey Moves Game Gets You Moving

We got to try out Monkey Moves, a card game where you earn points for completing acrobatic yoga moves with a partner. You take turns pulling cards from a deck of 33, and the harder the moves, the more points you get.

With moves that range from the simple to more complex requiring skill and balance, Monkey Moves will challenge you while improving strength, flexibility, trust and balance.


Since my partner was my three-year-old son, every move was a bit challenging! Just getting him to stand in one spot is a challenge… The game is recommended for ages 8 and up, but we still managed to have fun giving it a try.

Here’s our best effort, starting with the “waterfall:”

Monkey Moves is on sale now for $10.50 with free shipping! Click here to for info on purchasing a deck for yourself.

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