Gelli Baff Slime Review: Bathtub vs Baby Pool

We immersed ourselves in slime a few times this past month, because what kid doesn’t like to squish around in an ooey-gooey mess? Especially an ooey-gooey glittery mess that smells like tutti frutti! We also made a new YouTube video showing how the slime mixes up and then dissolves back into water. Look for it at the end of the post!

*All Amazon links are affiliate links which means I could get a few pennies if you purchase something after clicking the link*

smelli-gelli sent us a few different styles of their Gelli Baff to try out and review, so first we tried it at home in the tub, and next outside in a baby pool. If you are pondering which way to go, I highly recommend the baby pool.

For the tub I used warm water, dumped the packet in and then kept swirling the water around until it started to get gooey. I found it takes two packets to get a good thick goo. The Gelli Baff is a really unique texture, not so slimey, but squishy because it’s thousands of little micro water beads. It also doesn’t stain the tub or irritate your skin.


My son loved squishing around in it! He also wanted to put all his toys in it. And then he wanted to smear it on the walls, and build slime mountains and throw it and watch it plop and as I watched it splatter around the bathroom, THAT’S when I realized the tub might not be the greatest place for this.


It does come with a packet of dissolving powder, but it didn’t dissolve it all the way so I Googled it up and found you could use regular table salt. You also need to wait for it to work! I was impatient the first time and tried to put half liquid/half goo down the drain and it did not go well. I felt like I was endlessly cleaning it up. The good news is that it did finally dissolve, it all went down the drain and it did not leave anything green! But I still planned on doing our next slime experiment outside for easy clean-up.



A small baby pool makes the perfect Gelli Baff slime pit! And no worries about messes. They can splash around, throw it, put it on their head and have slime fights. Check out our video that shows it from start to watery finish!

ZimpliKids also makes a Slime Baff product for a more slick slime experience. You can purchase both on Amazon. I recommend getting the 2-Pack of Gelli Baff so you know you have enough to get a good fluffy gelli mix.

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