Magical New Children’s Book: Wizard and the Lizard

Wizard and the Lizard by Katie Reed is the magical tale of Buddy, a cute little lizard who wishes to transform himself in to a big fierce dragon with the help of his best friend Wizard.

wizard-and-lizard (4)

The thing is, his best friend thinks he is perfect just the way he is. But he wants to help Buddy so he agrees to find a spell to transform him. Through a series of misadventurous  potions, Buddy does transform, though not exactly the way he wanted. Will Wizard find the right potion? Or will Buddy finally realize he’s perfect just the way he is?

Wizard and the Lizard held my son’s attention with humorous rhymes that kept the story flowing and cute illustrations by Jenna Wing-Hu that brought the story to life. Though he thought the little lizard was funny when things didn’t go quite as planned, I think his most favorite thing was the picture of the pizza. We had to go back and look at the pizza several times.

wizard-and-lizard (2)

The story centers on themes of self-image, self-esteem and friendship. Author Katie Reed explained her inspiration behind the story, “Throughout my career working in public schools, I have come across children who don’t always feel like they are good enough. They wish they could be the best at dodgeball, the best dancer in the after school dance club, or sometimes they just look at other children’s art projects and then at their own, and wished their art project looked better… This inspired me to write this children’s book that lets every child know that they are perfect just the way they are, even if they aren’t perfect at everything.”

The book is currently available on Amazon: Wizard and the Lizard and you can also visit the website for a fun coloring page print out:

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