MomLife: Of Course I Keep ALL Your Artwork!

A kid in school (or daycare) means lots of artwork. From hand print turkeys to pages of scribbles, it can be quite a lot of stuff to save. I had been quietly slipping about half of it into the trash until the day my son caught me in a typical parental fib and discovered I wasn’t archiving Every piece he brought home.

I was really hoping my son wouldn’t notice the disappearing artwork as I swapped out an old pic for the latest masterpiece, but I totally got busted.

K: Let’s put my new picture up!

Me: OK!

K: Why is there only one picture? Where are all my pictures?

Me: ummmmmm….Ummmmmmmmmm…
I rotate them.

K: Rotate them?

Me: Yeah, like I switch them around and put new ones out so we don’t get bored…

K: Well where do you keep them all?

Me: ummmmmmmmmm
A very safe place! So safe I forgot and would have to look for them.
It may take a while. 😬

So busted 🙄. But I mean…I can’t save everything! There’s only so much fridge space and I had to make room for the latest self-portrait. Nice use of texture here. I feel like he really captured his frantic nature. This one is going front and center.


After that confrontation, I designated a special drawer for the best of the art work so I can show my son I am actually saving it. I wouldn’t want to discourage his interest in art! I do still have a whole box of his art from his brief stint in daycare, but then it got to the point where you can only have so many flowers made with feet prints.

So how do you save your kid’s art? Do you keep everything or just the favorites?

2 thoughts on “MomLife: Of Course I Keep ALL Your Artwork!

  1. My girl is 12 now and there is So! Much! Art.

    I put some on walls, doors, etc with painters tape but it gets rotated. And I take pictures of it. You can’t keep it all.

    They love it if you have an electronic folder with their name on it and you show them it’s full of their art work. 🙂

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