Reading Eggs Review from Ages 3 to 4

Last year when my son was three years old, I tried a free trial of and liked it so much I bought a full year. Reading Eggs is a computer program for kids that makes learning to read fun with activities and games.

You can read about our experience from the rocky start to my son asking to play every day (on my other blog): Hatching a Plan with Reading Eggs. He lost interest for a bit, but now that he’s four and getting ready for kindergarten next year, I thought it would be a good time to give it another try. There’s definitely a difference between ages three and four!


The first time we gave it a try, it took a couple weeks before I could get him to agree to even sit down and try it. It took a lot of coaxing and guidance, but eventually he caught on. His favorite thing was the alphabet game, mostly because he got to crack a bouncing egg and watch stuff pop out of it. His least favorite thing was the letter tracing game, because he wasn’t quite sure what the letters meant yet.

It’s been a few months since our subscription ended, so yesterday when I asked him if he wanted to play Reading Eggs again, he was excited to do it and jumped right in the chair. He played a couple rounds of each game and even enjoyed the tracing one and making the letters! He was able to connect a little better with what he was supposed to do, and I felt like it was backing up the things he’s been learning in preschool recently.

At three he was mostly just poking around and playing, but at four he’s answering the questions for real and not just guessing. I’ve found Reading Eggs to be a great way to sneak a little learning in, and a nice break from his video games and YouTube shows.

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