New Children’s Book: The Adventures of Ninja and Luche – The Great Piggy Rescue

Someone in the neighborhood has swiped Piggy from a little girl and it’s up to the superhero duo Ninja and Luche to get him back! Follow their adventures as they try and keep their identity a secret from their parents and grandmother while rescuing Piggy, eating nachos and doing some sweet ninja dance moves.


The Adventures of Ninja and Luche: The Great Piggy Rescue is the first release in a new series created by Josh Eagan and his daughter Anika. The book follows the adventures of two characters based on superhero alter-ego characters created by sisters Anika and Evelyn. The two main characters in the book are Monica and Stevie, two regular kids with a superhero secret!


When someone is in need of help, they become Ninja and Luche! According to Eagan, “My two daughters used to dress up as the two characters in the book and run around and sneak and play pranks on us. Their true personalities, however, are always wanting to help people.”

ninja-luche-kids-bookAs Ninja and Luche, the sibling duo helps neighbors, classmates and others around town while getting into mischief along the way.

Eagan created the book as a way to keep these fun characters alive, and encourage his 14-year-old daughter’s budding career in animation and art. They collaborated on the story and Anika did the illustrations.

When they got older, I knew that these characters that they used to dress up as wouldn’t be a part of our lives anymore. And I didn’t want that to happen. So … we worked together to create something using those characters. I never had any intention to write children’s books, but it was a way for me to keep these characters alive.
We enjoyed reading the story and the fun antics of Ninja and Luche. My son took one look at the red ninja outfit on the cover and has already decided he must be a ninja for Halloween! If you’d like to find out more and follow their adventures too, check out


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