Great White or Megalodon? Our Biggest Shark Tooth Find Yet!

I thought it was just a rock at first, but then I heard my son squeal as he ran to the water to wash the sand off a big black shark tooth! It was at least 1.5″ long and serrated on the sides. The tooth part was almost perfect, but the top part where it attaches was missing, making it harder to definitively identify whether it was a Great White or a small Meg.

Shark Tooth Hunting in Florida

Of course my son is hoping it’s a Megalodon, which he’s been obsessed with finding since we went on a fossil hunting tour with Mudslinger Tours in Gainesville last year. We only found a lot of small shark teeth that day, so this big find at our own beach was pretty exciting.

Both the Great White and the Meg have serrated edges, but the Meg is usually finer because it’s had more years to be worn down. This tooth has some pretty distinct serrated edges, so that makes me think possibly more Great White.

Unfortunately, the chevron part at the top that helps to identify a Meg is broken off. You can see it in the photo below. These Megs were found by the Mudslinger Tours guys. But the part that is broken off is in the chevron type shape soooooo….could still be a Meg!

Either way, it was a pretty exciting find. My son took it to school today for show and tell. Fingers crossed it makes it back home! I made sure to take pictures of it just in case I never see it again. But I figure he found it, so if he wants to take it to school then he can.

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