Our First Show and Tell

When I picked my son up from school last week he had a big announcement- “Mommy we have Show and Tell tomorrow and that’s when we get presents.”

I’m not sure where he got the idea that everyone was bringing presents, but it took me a little and while and several different conversations that evening to convince him it meant he was going to bring something to SHOW the class and then TELL them about it. I mean, it’s all right there in the name. I’m not sure where he went wrong.

All the kids had to bring something that starts with the first letter of their name. My son is Keelan, so I was scrambling to think of something with a “K” other than ketchup or Karo syrup. I had better luck when I decided to search outside the kitchen area. I also turned to Facebook and let friends have a go at suggestions that ranged from keys to kites.

What we finally went with was kangaroo! He brought the Switcheroo Kangaroo along with the book that tells his story. It’s a kangaroo that takes your extra holiday treats and turns them into toys. It went over so well that they also read the story during snack time.


Today he has to bring something that starts with the letter “A” and I was really trying to find something better than airplane, but that’s all I got so far!

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