Are You Ready for EnchantmentCon this Weekend!

EnchantmentCon is this weekend (May 27 & 28) in St. Augustine, FL and I’ll be there the entire weekend with a table for / Midnight Pumpkin. I am in fact, NOT quite ready yet, lol.

Candy Keane cosplay guest at enchantment pop culture cosplay convention

EnchantmentCon Pop Culture Expo

Enchantment is a new “dark con” concept featuring an enhanced audio/visual immersive experience. The lights will be lower than normal and vendors will be lighting up their areas in their own unique ways.

You can read the interview with concept creator Max Michaels here:

I’ll be in the CosplayGround area, and will have a table full of sparkly fun things to wear– tiaras, rings, earrings and even light up wizard wands.

Find out more about EnchantmentCon and get tickets at:

enchantment pop culture cosplay convention

And now I’m off to try and start packing things and preparing. Lots of packing and preparing!

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