Trying Out ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy

I’ve been seeing the ABC Mouse ads on TV since Keelan was born and the Disney channel became a constant companion. So when they recently contacted me about becoming an affiliate and giving them a try, I was excited to sign up. They are having a sale right now for 60% off the whole year, but you can also just sign up and try it out for a month for free so there’s nothing to lose!


So far Keelan is really enjoying the program. He’s a fan of Reading Eggs, but he’s gone through most of the games on there and is always asking to play on “mommy’s computer.” ABC Mouse starts out with as assessment test, but we only got through one section before he was losing interest so I quickly jumped to the games section and was happy to see there are LOTS of games!

He also liked earning the tickets, which he used to buy himself a pet bunny. I’m not sure what else you can use the tickets for yet, but he really liked feeding and bathing his new virtual pet. He also enjoyed playing a game where you feed a dinosaur and one where you count eggs. Each activity ends with earning a certain amount of tickets.

While I’ve been having trouble getting him to enjoy actual books, he’s always happy to play on the computer. I guess it’s just the new digital generation! I’m just glad to have found some sort of educational activity he enjoys.

I’m looking forward to exploring more of the ABC Mouse program! If you’d like to check them out (and try it for FREE!) just head to

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