Ribbon’s Traveling Castle is a Little Magic and a Lot of Love

We were recently sent the children’s book, Ribbon’s Traveling Castle, to read and review and enjoyed the heartwarming tale and fun drawings. The book was written by Elizabeth Godley and illustrated by Paige M. Leyh.

ribbons-castle-book (1)

The book follows the story of Ribbon, who goes on a journey with her father. As they travel around they encounter many odd individuals who need help with small things. She works through her own worries by helping out these people along the way. As she travels she learns that change is not a bad thing when you have love for yourself and for others.

ribbons-castle-book (3).JPEG

My son enjoyed looking through the whimsical drawings to find all the magical things happening in the pictures. There are even small details to hunt for like lotus flowers all over the castle.

ribbons-castle-book (4).JPEG

Ribbon’s Traveling Castle is a great book for children to learn about kindness and also bravery and trusting in yourself even when you may not be sure about your journey. You can find the book on Amazon: Ribbon’s Traveling Castle and learn more about the author and upcoming book signing on her website RibbonsTravelingCastle.com.

Book Review: What’s Making Walter C. Laugh? by Ginny Jordan

What’s Making Walter C. Laugh? is a fun and colorful children’s book that will get you and your child engaged in the story as you giggle about unicorns on unicycles and ice-skating ladybugs.

It’s a collection of whimsical illustrations of animals and objects doing silly things that will give you plenty to talk about, and giggle about, on each page. The pictures are eye-catching and the captions engaging. And it ends with blank pages so you and your child can doodle pictures about what makes you laugh!

What’s Making Walter C. Laugh? is rated 5 Stars on Amazon and available in both paperback and Kindle editions.


This is the first book written by Ginny Jordan, who lives in New York with her Havapoo, Mio. While teaching in New York, she was the only teacher in her school to earn the Outstanding Service Award and gained plenty of experience making children laugh!

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