Spread a Little Happiness with Kindness Rocks

When we first moved to our new neighborhood at the beach, I kept running across these pretty painted rocks stuck in random places. At first I was afraid to take them. I’d pick it up and admire it and then put it back, afraid maybe it was meant for someone else. I eventually realized it was meant for me to take it! It was left there for anyone who is lucky enough to find it. If you’ve stumbled across these little painted rocks, than know they are meant to be taken and hopefully bring a little happiness to your day.

kindness rocks
We found a rock!

They are often called “kindness rocks” and are painted with whatever people want to put on them. Some just have nice messages on them like “smile” or “be kind,” and others may just be swirls of color. We’ve found some that look like intricate art pieces! Sometimes people use different materials like shells or rocks that appear to be shaped like something already, but the most popular rocks are medium size with a good smooth surface for painting.

Once we started collecting painted rocks, we also got into painting new ones to hide. You can use lighter colored rocks and paint or draw right on them, or paint darker ones white first. I’ve also seen light ones painted black. Acrylic paint, paint markers and Sharpies are great for doodling on rocks. You can also spray them when done with a coat of clear paint sealer.

Dark river rock painted white and ready to be transformed in a Kindness Rock

When you find a rock, be sure to look on the back for a hashtag or instructions on sharing. Most will tell you where to post on Facebook and a hashtag to include so the person who hid it can see it was found. Most people re-hide the rocks they find so they travel around. It’s OK to keep them too! We save our favorites for our garden. But if you are keeping them, make sure you are making new ones to put out so other people can enjoy them too.

If you are interested in getting started painting and hiding rocks, just search your area and add “rocks” on facebook. For example – I live in Atlantic Beach so our rock group is called Atlantic Beach Rocks and the hashtag is #rockinthebeaches. And if you don’t have any rocks handy, you can order buckets of rocks for around $20 on Amazon or even get an entire kit with ready-to-paint rocks:


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So have you found any rocks in your area or gotten into rock painting? If not, you can always start something in your area! Also, a funny thing happens once you start looking for the rocks- you’ll start seeing them a lot more. You get a little more conscious of your surroundings and notice little spots that look like a rock might be stuck there. And sometimes you’ll find spots that becomes “regulars” and you can usually find a rock there, or leave one there yourself. Rock painting, finding and hiding is a great creative activity for kids and adults and a nice way to brighten someone’s day when they run across a surprise hidden gem.

A Different Kind of Book for Children

I was recently introduced to Quiet Books by the Quiet Book Queen and we decided to give it a try! It’s crafty activity book you assemble yourself, or with the help of your child. The Quiet Book Queen website offers a Calendar Quiet Book Subscription Kit where every month you get a new page/activity to make for your book. The idea behind it is to encourage screen-free activities through play and imagination. We started with October and had fun making a dress-up doll page and a finger puppet spider.

You’ll need a few tools to make your book pages – like a hole punch and snap tool. You also will be sewing, glueing and ironing things. The kits come with everything except the assembly tools.

Hole punch and snap tool
Snap Tool and Hole Punch

The pieces arrive all cut and prepared for you to assemble. Each kit has two activities and step-by-step instructions included. I found the kit to be a little more advanced than my 3-year-old could handle, so I found it was best to let him play with the pieces first and then actually assemble the page on my own. He then got to play with the finished page.

quiet book kit
All the pieces for the November Quiet Book page

Each month is themed so our November page had a fun turkey craft. There are also options for making it with or without snaps.

If you’d like to try it out, or maybe send as a gift to a crafty mom, new subscribers get 50% off their first month and free shipping: