We Tried the Essential Oils Recipe Box by Simply Earth

I have always enjoyed essential oils since becoming familiar with them while working at a little hippie shop in my 20’s. We sold them in the shop and had books about them, so I learned a lot about what they were used for and which ones I liked. We always had some type of oil diffusing, when we weren’t burning Nag Champa incense.

I recently signed up as an affiliate with Simply Earth, who sent me a free July box from their Essential Oils Recipe Box subscription service. Links are affiliate links, though all opinions are my own. And if you use my link and enter the code GEEKFREE at checkout, you’ll get a $40 gift card in your first box, which you can use on your next box!


What is a Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box?

It’s a natural home, made easy! You get four essential oils with every box for just $39, plus a bonus box with natural ingredients, fun extras, recipes and containers to put your recipes in. You can also shop on their website for high quality oils that cost half the price as many other brands! So far I’ve really liked the quality and scent of the oils.

We got to try out the July box, which was kid-themed and perfect for us! I did a little unboxing video showing all the fun stuff inside:

Now, on to the essential oil recipe testing!

We had good luck with some of the recipes, and some bombed a bit, but overall everything smelled amazing while we were making it, so that helped on the ones that fizzled. I’m not reprinting the recipes here, just letting you know how they worked out. If you want all the recipes and ingredients, you gotta get a  box 🙂

Natural Scented Slime
This is our first time slime making, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. There are so many different types of slime so I wasn’t even sure what the end product would be like except I knew it would be slimy! The only thing our bonus box didn’t come with was cornstarch, but I had that handy thanks to a previous ooblek experiment from a toddler “messy play” challenge.


The slime was pretty easy to make and actually turned out pretty cool! It was ooey and gooey like it was supposed to be, but something didn’t dissolve quite right so there were weird lumps in our slime. It reminded me of gooey boba tea. I think we need a little practice and we could get it smooth.


Sweet Dream Bath
Love this! So much that I need to make a bath for myself with it. I used it in my son’s bath the past few nights and it smells SO good and makes his skin super soft. It’s a combo of Sweet Dreams oil blend, Epsom salts and fractionated coconut oil. The only drawback is the coconut oil makes the tub a bit slippery. But the Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend is a favorite so far.

Lavender Scented Bubbles
The bubbles were a bit of a bust. I couldn’t get the solution to make a decent bubble. It led to a bit of frustration with the four-year-old. It was a mix of water, dish soap, corn syrup and lavender essential oil. It smelled great, which is good, because mostly all it did was pop in my face!

Lavender scented bubbles ingredients

Homework Diffuser Blend
My son doesn’t have homework yet, but I figure if it’s good for that, it should be good for blog work. I don’t usually like orange-scented things so I didn’t think I’d like this combination of Tangerine and Fir Needle oils, but it actually smells great! And I’m starting to get caught up on work too, so maybe it IS working. This is my new go-to for setting the mood in my work space.

DIY Scented Stress Ball
This one looked like fun, and they included a cute little logo balloon to use to make the ball. The combo of Fir Needle, Tangerine and Lavender oils made my kitchen smell wonderful.


But I’m going to be honest, you’re going to need the stress ball after trying to make this one. I had a hard time getting the flour mix to go into the water bottle. It got EVERYWHERE. And then my son helped it get into even more places and all over him.


Once you load the flour into the water bottle, it was surprisingly easy to squirt to the mix into the balloon. If you do try this one, I’m going to warn you – you can’t smell anything at first and you may wonder how the heck you can smell anything inside a balloon. The scent comes out after squishing it for a little while. I actually really liked this one, total mess aside.


Sweet Dreams Roll On
The Sweet Dreams blend is my favorite thing in this box, so I was looking forward to making this one, but I think I’m missing something with the fractionated coconut oil. The stuff is solid in the jar. The instructions say to just put it in the roll-on container with the oil, but it wouldn’t go in right. I’m thinking maybe I should have tried melting it in the microwave first, but the directions didn’t say that, so I just tried jamming it in the tube little by little. This did not work out so well. So now I have a roll-on half filled with a little oil and lumpy coconut goo.

And that brings us to the end of our recipe box review!

Even though every recipe didn’t turn out perfect, we really enjoyed trying them. I have tried a lot of different oils, and was impressed by the quality of these. I’m really looking forward to trying out a box every month and plan to feature some of my favorite recipes here on the blog!

And if you want to check it out, be sure to use my link: https://simplyearth.com/?rfsn=2798688.fb78b5 and enter code GEEKFREE at checkout!

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