May the 4th Be With You on Star Wars Day

Happy May the 4th! I write about Star Wars on my Geek Mom blog a lot, but I’m trying to get in the habit of keeping this side of things up to date, so it’s a double post kind of day. I didn’t do anything too special today besides insist everyone where Star Wars t-shirts and then post all over social media because I have a ton of Star Wars cosplay pics.

I didn’t even have to upload any new photos to the other blog, but over here I searched “Star Wars” and sadly not one pic popped up! So here’s one of me and the kiddo, all dressed up as Chewie and Darth Vader.

star wars family chewie and little darth vader

This was one of the first time my son had seen me all dressed up. My husband brought him to the library where I was judging a costume contest, and he wasn’t too sure about me at first! He was a little scared until he believed it really was mommy under all that fur and dark hair. But he still looks a little concerned in 99% of the photos from that day, lol.

I’m pretty sure he had no idea he was wearing a costume, since we put him in a Disney Darth Vader pajama outfit. He happily wore it and was excited to whack things with his light saber.

I think it’s neat that he gets to grow up with so much fun Star Wars stuff around, with the theme park and all the TV shows. I love sharing something I loved (and still love) from my childhood with him.

So Happy Star Wars Day! And May the 4th Be With You today and always. ❤

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