I Don’t Like E-mail Lists

I have an e-mail list I never use. I don’t even know why I keep the subscribe option up. I can write and publish a blog for the whole world online, but for some reason writing and sending an e-mail to a few hundred (maybe more) people feels a bit invasive. Probably because I get really easily annoyed by other people’s e-mail lists. I also spend way too much of my time unsubscribing and blocking them.

And this is my downfall I guess. Because everywhere I look, there’s always the same advice no matter what you are doing- start an e-mail list.

I cringe every time I see that! I once had a book to review about how a guy became a millionaire. The whole book could be summarized like this: he started an e-mail list. He sold a bunch of stuff and did some other things, but it all came back to the e-mail list.

So now I’m sitting here wondering if I should start using the e-mail list I have. I probably won’t. But I’ll think about it.

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