About the big blog move…

So over a year ago I started posting here how I was moving all my posts over to GeekMamas.com and closing this blog. Yet here it is…still sitting in the Internet space, not doing much, but still attracting random followers and traffic. I downgraded the account to a basic free WordPress site, didn’t pay much attention to it for a while, and it continued to survive. So now I decided to just keep it here.

I’m no longer moving and deleting the posts. They all get to stay. I may even add more. It’s not something I plan to put a lot into, since my effects these days on on the other blog and the @sewgeekmama Instagram account. But sometimes there may be a post that I want to do and it doesn’t fit as well over on Geek Mamas. So I might as well keep this little corner of the Internet occupied.

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