A Tale of Two Blogs

I started this blog as a way to keep the “non-geek” related stuff separate from my main blog, GeekMamas.com, and have a place to publish sponsored posts that didn’t fit there. And then I made it personal and didn’t want to publish that stuff here. And then I ended up with TWO blogs to keep up with and that’s just….too much.

So I am thinking of ending this Momtastic Mommy Blog experiment in the new year and moving everything over to Geek Mamas, geeky or not. I figure it’s silly to separate it. It’s also confusing to have two blogs sharing the same social media accounts. It’s like having a split personality.

So my plan is to do a total overall and merge the two blogs. Anyone who took a chance with a sponsored post over here will get rewarded with a fresh new post on GeekMamas. And I am looking forward to just keeping up with one blog in 2020!


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