Chuck E. Cheese Social Media to the Rescue

We recently had an experience at Chuck E. Cheese that could have gone very badly, if it had not been for the quick action of whoever is in charge of their social media. Thanks to the quick response of Chuck E. Cheese’s Instagram, my faith was renewed, my anger soothed and they secured a couple of happy and loyal customers.

A Chuck E. Cheese coupon confusion

It all started with a coupon. I went on the website looking for deals and found a coupon for 100 play points for $20. All the other coupons said “play points or minutes” so I thought they meant the same thing. Silly me…

I took my coupon to the front and said “I have a coupon for 100 minutes for $20,” and they took my coupon, scanned it and loaded my card. Nothing was said about minutes vs. points, so once again, I figured they were the same thing.

They are NOT the same thing

Less than ten minutes into a game playing frenzy, the card was out. Not working. So I went to the front and that’s when they told me “Sorry, you got points not minutes.”

I explained my situation and the confusion. It had only been ten minutes. Would it be such a big deal to just change it to minutes on a new card? Apparently yes. The Chuck E. Cheese staff and in-store management did care at all about the fact they were about to make a little boy very unhappy. Their attitude was basically, “Too bad.”

I kept my cool. I sucked down the mom rage that comes from knowing I was about to have a very upset four-year-old, and in true mom fashion, I told them I was very disappointed in them. I then stepped away for a moment to get myself together.

And then I unleashed my anger in a hell storm of social media fire.

I Tweeted, Facebooked, left a review, made a sad Instagram story post about how Chuck E. Cheese had made one sad kid all because they couldn’t just reload a play card. It was ridiculous how easy it would have been for the staff there to fix the problem and keep a customer happy.

As a former boutique owner, I have dealt with a lot of customer service issues. The customer may not necessarily always be right, but they do always have the right to be treated fairly. And that’s all I wanted.

Chuck E. Cheese to the rescue

In less than five minutes, I got an Instagram message from Chuck E. Cheese telling me they want to make things right. They said they’d hook me up and asked for my address. This made me immediately happy.

I swallowed my last angry bits and returned to the front with a smile and bought my son 60 minutes of play time and myself a Chardonnay. This made us both very happy. We stayed and played, won tickets and ate pizza. All was happy in the world of Chuck E. Cheese.

And they came through, only days later, with a special package and two gift cards inside:

Chuck E. Cheese surprise

And that is why we still love Chuck E. Cheese. Thank you for keeping a customer happy. THAT is how it’s done ❤


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