This Mom Blog Experiment

I started this Momtastic Mommy Blog as an experiment to see how I felt about having a less personal style mom blog. One that was set up to make money, used stock photos, did reviews and posted useful articles, etc. It was going to be “all the mom stuff.”

mommy blogger
Hey, look, I finally used a stock photo!

I also thought it might give me a place to publish more sponsored articles for the piddly price I get offered on an almost daily basis. I was thinking the money would add up if I was just willing to publish it! I’m super picky about what I put on the Geek Mamas blog because that’s my personal spot, my voice and I don’t like publishing stuff that doesn’t fit just right. Especially not some regurgitated piece published a million other places and probably includes some sneaky business links.

But now, here I am, making this one personal too. So now I have TWO blogs. It seems to be a habit I can’t shake.

crazy mom blogger

But this new mom blog experiment has been interesting. This blog is finally getting some decent traffic, so it’s exciting to see the new blog finally grow. But the more it grows, the more protective I get of the content. I haven’t published any of those sponsored posts in a while, and I keep using personal photos instead of generic stock pics. So what am I going to do now with two blogs?

Well I finally figured out my direction. This blog will indeed continue to be “all the mom stuff,” and has ended up being the perfect place for stuff that just doesn’t really fit into the geek niche. I want to expand my gardening and home renovation sections so I can share those stories as well.

And maybe one day I’ll combine it all into one mishmashed mega-blog. Who knows……?

But for now, I like having the blogs separate, even thought they share the same social media. Because there’s NO WAY I’m creating extra social media accounts. The ones I have are hard enough to keep active! And while posting on two blogs does take a little extra time, I try to be more relaxed over here on this one so I hope it continues to be a good outlet for everyday mom stuff.


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