The Best Way to Keep Pacifiers Clean On-the-Go with Silver Maple Cases

Ever pull out a pacifier from the bottom of the baby bag, only to find it covered with dirt, crumbs, hair and other gunk? Yuck! The Silver Maple pacifier case is the answer to storing clean pacifiers and having a place to hold those dirty ones until you can take them home and sanitize them.

2023 Update: The Silver Maple website appears to no longer be active, and the products are no longer available on Amazon

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*We are happy to partner with Silver Maple to promote this handy new product for moms. Compensation was provided for this post, though opinions are my own

Silver Maple is a small family-run business based in Ontario, Canada, and their Deluxe Pacifier Case was created by the founder Sara Briggs when she noticed a need in the market.

According to Sara, “While working as an Early Childhood Educator in England, I noticed that many parents had a tough time keeping their babies and toddlers pacifiers clean and sanitized while out and about. It is essential that pacifiers are kept super clean to reduce the risks of germs being transmitted to your baby’s mouth.”

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She noticed many parents resorting to Ziploc baggies or random plastic containers that were not quite hygienic since once a used pacifier was stored, the bag became contaminated. Sara felt there must be a better way to carry spare pacifiers, to keep clean and dirty pacifiers stored together but kept separated while on the go, and ensure there was always a ready supply of clean pacifiers at hand.

She designed a light but strong container that can hold at least five pacifiers, and keep clean and dirty pacifiers separated and it can easily be sterilized in a home dishwasher. After years of planning and designing, the Silver Maple Deluxe Pacifier Case was born and has received great reviews from both moms and mommy bloggers.

The Deluxe Pacifier Cases are about 7″ long, made from 100% virgin food-grade fully recyclable Polypropylene which is tested to be BPA, lead and phthalate free, and come in Timeless Blue and Classic Pink colors. They also come with a handy little strap to attach them to your bag or stroller. The cases retail for $15.99 and can be purchased from Amazon.

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