What If Higgins Had Given Up? A New Children’s Book About the Value of Perseverance

How many times has your child tried something new or difficult and given up?

It’s important for children to look to friends and adults for support, but it’s also important for them to cultivate a strength from within, a strength that motivates them to push through when times get hard. In Cathy Werling’s children’s book “What If Higgins Had Given Up?”, children learn about the tale of a compelling WWII hero whose life story serves as a reminder that setting your mind toward a goal is a big factor and the first step in achieving it.


The quick read tells the story of boat manufacturer Andrew Jackson Higgins, an instrumental WWII figure whose boats helped land U.S. troops at Normandy on D-Day. With colorful artwork that traces Higgins’ childhood, teenage years, and adulthood vividly, children catch a glimpse into a hero’s life and all that he persevered through.

From delivering newspapers at the age of 12, to building one-of-a-kind boats used in wartime, this children’s book focuses on the significance of developing positive character traits, such as hard work and determination.


As part of a series of children’s books, Werling was inspired to write “What If Higgins Had Given Up?” to tell the stories of unsung heroes throughout history. By looking at influential figures from the past, children learn to look at real stories of heroic people and find positive similarities. This book is a fun way for your child to learn about history and the power they have within!

“What If Higgins Had Given Up?” is available for purchase on Amazon through this link.
If you’re interested in similar children’s books, please click to visit the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes.

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