Get it for free today! New Children’s Book When Dinosaurs Go to Bed

I’d like to welcome today’s guest blogger, Josh Bluman, who’s going to tell you all about his new children’s book, When Dinosaurs Go to Bed. And if you act fast, you can actually download the entire book for free until May 31st! Scroll down for details.


Growing up, I couldn’t get enough of dinosaurs. Dinosaur pillows, dinosaur socks, dinosaur movies, and of course, dinosaur books! Lots of dinosaur books!

I don’t think things have changed much. Children still love dinosaurs, and many own at least one all-time favorite dinosaur book!

Today is the launch of a new kind of dinosaur book: When Dinosaurs Go to Bed. The book is available for FREE Kindle Download until May 31, so grab it as soon as you can!

A beautiful and timelessly illustrated children’s bedtime story, the book is composed of dinosaurs in familiar bedtime scenes. It’s a quick read and the perfect book to help get your child get excited about going to sleep. At the same time, you will teach your child the names of popular dinosaurs while having a few laughs.

The book was inspired one evening when I was getting ready for bed and experimenting with the names of different dinosaurs and potential rhymes. In just a few minutes, I had a handful of funny rhymes about dinosaurs. It was clear to me at this point there was the potential for a great book with some beautiful modern illustrations, and here we are! Since then we’ve read the book to many children and the response has been incredible, with many asking for it to be read over and over again!

Download When Dinosaurs Go to Bed today! The book is available for FREE Kindle Download until May 31.


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