Smell as Good as You Look with Photo Air Fresheners

When contacted me about reviewing their product, I thought a custom photo air freshener might be a neat Mother’s Day present. I always send my mom some pics, why not send ones that make everything smell good too?

There’s no minimum quantity, shipping is free and you can choose from eight different scents and shapes. I chose a heart shape with one of my favorite photos and their most popular scent, cucumber mint. Other scent choices are bacon, cherry, citrus, coconut, new car, pine and vanilla. You can also choose unscented if you just want the hanging photo.


Ordering was really easy! First you choose your shape, then add and image and add text if you want. I chose to go with just an image, not text. You can also upload a different photo for the back, or keep it the same.


Once you upload the photo, you can adjust the size using the “transform” tool. You want to get any wording inside the green line, and everything important inside the dotted line which is where it will be cut. There’s also a black dot at the top that shows you where the hole will go for the elastic loop.


Prices start at $12.50 for a single air freshener, but go down as low as $5 with quantity and the price includes free shipping. My order arrived in just a few days, with each air freshener individually packed in sealed plastic. The cucumber mint is a really pleasant scent! I also got a few in my usual favorite, vanilla. The pictures came out really nice and I think these will make a great gift, as well as look good hanging in my car.


I also ordered a few with my logo on them. I thought they came out looking great, but they recommend their sister company,, for printing logo products. They specialize in printing promotional products with crisp images and custom shapes. They do have a minimum order there, but prices go as low as $2.50 and there are a lot more choices for shapes and scents.

I was very happy with the quality of my Photo Air Fresheners, the ease of ordering and fast shipping. If you have more questions about getting your own custom photo air fresheners, check out their FAQ page at:




 sister site for logo


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