Did You Go to Your High School Reunion?

I recently skipped out on my high school reunion. It was the 25th year, and I went to the 10 and the 20, so this wasn’t really a big one. I figured I’d wait until the 30 year reunion when everyone has REALLY changed!

Candy Keane Sew Geek Mama High School
Me in 11th grade

It’s pretty funny how at the 10 year reunion everyone is still so young, but we have no idea we are. Most people still look similar. A lot of guys still have their hair. Many people have gotten married and started families. We are all still finding our way in life, even though we feel all grown up.

Flash forward to your 20 year reunion and that’s when people are really interesting! The kids are bigger, there’s been marriages and divorces, job changes and of course, more hair loss. I think I enjoyed my 20 year reunion the most because I talked to more people that year.

So who was I in high school? A quiet nerd. I had a lot of fun not being shy and quiet for once thanks to a couple glasses of Pinot Grigio and thought it was sweet that everyone I talked to had something nice to say about shy, quiet high school me. And so who was I at my high school reunion? I guess if I had to pick something off the poster, it would be “Ugly Duckling” although I didn’t consider myself ugly. It was more of just getting over my shyness, and coming out of my shell, which is something I still work on to this day.

So did you go to your reunion? Which type of person were you?



3 thoughts on “Did You Go to Your High School Reunion?

  1. Man, I didn’t go to my high-school reunion because of social media. In fact, I heard that is why so many people didn’t attend their first high-school reunion. We already know who the ugly ducklings are (now superstars), we now see the popular jocks bald with beer guts, we all have that one friend who gloats about their successes sending us links to their businesses, the penny-pitchers who protested the reunion due to travel expenses, the great amazing parents who fill our social media feeds with family pictures, and the Nobodies like me who sit in the background posting funny cat pictures. In high school, I was also a quiet nerd walking in the shadow of my older, super popular, cheerleader sister. LOL Nope, no reunions for me, I attend one everyday when I log onto social media. LOL

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